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Illustration, Icon Design, Photography, Video & Motion Design 

Miguel Oliveira - Point and Shoot - UniLabs Trindade-75
Miguel Oliveira - Point and Shoot - UniLabs Trindade-57
Miguel Oliveira - Point and Shoot - UniLabs Trindade-66
Miguel Oliveira - Point and Shoot - UniL

When Unilabs, one of Europe's largest diagnostic providers, launched us the challenge of creating a visual language for a ledwall, we accepted the challenge and created a graphical story.

The animations were placed in 3 groups;


Informative, Tips, Commemorative Days.
The idea was to involve the brand with the users while they wait in the waiting area. So from the beginning the animations and illustrations should be simple but perceptible. A challenging job that made us very proud and satisfied with the end result.

We have more than 30 years of experience working with clinical trials, and have contributed to more than 3000 studies
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